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Aluminum sheet manufacturers introduce how to clean sheet metal aluminum.


Sheet metal aluminum

Sheet metal aluminum is a common item in the industry. After buying sheet metal aluminum, many customers will not be able to consume it all at once, and it will be prone to various problems like this after long-term shelving. Aluminum sheet manufacturers introduce how to clean sheet metal aluminum and the maintenance of aluminum sheet to avoid unnecessary loss. This method is applicable to any alloy aluminum sheet, including 3003 aluminum sheet.

sheet metal aluminum

Rinse sheet metal aluminum with clean water

Rinse the surface of the aluminum sheet with a lot of water, use a detergent that has been diluted with water, gently wipe the surface of the board with a soft cloth, rinse the surface of the board with a lot of water to wash away the dirt, check the surface of the board, if it is not clean Use detergent to clean the place where it is necessary; rinse the surface of the board with clean water until the detergent is completely washed away.

Daily maintenance of sheet metal aluminum

Daily maintenance can be wiped with clean water. When cleaning, use a large amount of water to dilute the detergent and wipe it. If stubborn stains cannot be cleaned, use a special aluminum gusset cleaner. The cleaning agent must be neutral, not salty and acidic, for deep cleaning. Finally, wipe with clean water to ventilate and dry.

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Deep cleaning sheet metal aluminum

The deep cleaning should be divided into two times. Wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with water for the first time, and scrub with dish soap again for the second time. You can also use a professional cleaner such as 3M cleaner to clean grease, oil stains and dirt, and open the window to ventilate and dry it naturally. If the ventilation and sunlight are not good, wipe it once with a better quality paper towel.

Do not clean the surface of the hot plate (the temperature is higher than 40°C), because the water evaporates too fast, which is harmful to the paint layer on the surface.

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About maintaining sheet metal aluminum

Regular maintenance and maintenance are carried out so that the aluminum sheet can be used for a longer time. Although not easily contaminated with dust is a major advantage of aluminum sheet, its other major advantage is that it is particularly easy to handle. After all, the living space is full of dust, and the dust on the aluminum sheet can be as bright as new just by gently rubbing it with a cloth. Sometimes there is glue on the surface of the aluminum sheet, which may be left behind after the label is torn off. Be sure not to scrape it with a sharp tool.

If it is a product with a better material, you can use a normal rubber to remove the glue. If the material is poor, the surface will be frayed with rubber. At this time, you can blow the hot air of the hair dryer against the adhesive for a while, and then you can easily wipe off the stolen goods with a cloth.

There is also a special case that after welding, the surface of the aluminum sheet will leave a layer of dirt similar to the burnt-up, which can not be removed by ordinary cleaning methods. At this time, you need to sprinkle some dry flour on the dirty area and just rub it lightly.

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