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Aluminum sheet metal for trailer UK is the aluminum sheet for trailers.


About aluminum sheet metal for trailer UK

Simply put, aluminum sheet metal for trailer UK is the aluminum sheet used for trailers. In the past, the trailer material was not aluminum plate, but steel plate. Long-term use has made people discover the disadvantages of steel plates, which are easy to rust and corrode, and the service life of the trailer is not long. There are reasons why aluminum alloy plates are used instead of steel plates. Corrosion resistance and rust resistance are the basic characteristics of these two points, as well as oxidation resistance. In addition, there is an important feature. Aluminum is lighter than steel, so it is a good choice for the carriage of a trailer. We want to focus on the aluminum sheet used for trailers, including color coated aluminum, 4x8 aluminum sheet metal for trailer UK and checker plate for anti-skid.

aluminum sheet metal for trailer UK

Aluminum sheet metal for trailer UK thickness

The thickness frequently asked by customers is .024, .030, .040, or .050. In order to keep the cost as low as possible, .024 aluminum is often chosen.

.024 is very thin, so pay attention to its installation to prevent bending or creases. This is one reason why trailer buyers should consider increasing their budget and choosing thicker specifications.

If your trailer is larger than 12 inches in size, you should consider using a thicker aluminum sheet with a thickness of at least 0.030 or more.

If the outer sheet metal is too thin, wavy shapes will appear on the outside of the trailer wall. To avoid this problem, please confirm the detailed information of your trailer, which will help you to buy the right aluminum sheet thickness.

aluminum sheet metal for trailer Thailand

Painted aluminum sheet metal for trailer UK

The processing of high-quality paint makes the product extremely durable both outdoors and indoors. Painted aluminum sheet metal for trailer UK has many characteristics, unique design, hard and wear-resistant coating, flexibility, and can be extensively formed and processed. Usually the aluminum alloy material of the spray paint board is 3105-H14 aluminum. 3105 aluminum is basically 98% pure aluminum alloy with a small amount of strength added. Not being hardened by heat treatment is not its disadvantage, but it has excellent corrosion resistance, welding characteristics and formability. Through various processing techniques, the weldability of the alloy has also been improved. Among them, arc welding is the best welding method.

aluminum sheet metal for trailer UAE

Aluminum sheet metal for trailer UK checker plate

Aluminum checker plate is a popular choice. It exists in kickboards, stairs, sidewalks, ramps and other occasions, in which case the material will be affected by the elements and daily wear and tear. This is why it is a good product for your trailer.

The non-slip aluminum checkered plates include diamond plates, 3 bar aluminum checkered plates and 5 bar aluminum checkered plates. The alloy can be 1060 and 3003 aluminum alloy, and the aluminum checkered plates of the trailer panel are used for the purpose of transportation safety and increased friction coefficient.

The trailer floor should be non-slip and reliable, using aluminum checkered panels, which can achieve a perfect balance between durability and aesthetics. In addition, the use of aluminum checkered board for trailers has many advantages, such as: corrosion-resistant and weather-proof, easy to clean, simple and quick to install, adding a sense of fashion and modernity to your trailer, suitable for indoor and outdoor, decoration and Both functions.

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