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Turkey 150 Tons Aluminum 1100-H16 for Aluminum Composite Panels
1100 Aluminum Coil
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Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum 1100-H16 for Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum composite panels are popularly used as modern new building decoration materials in the exterior walls of office buildings, shopping malls, residences, exhibition halls, etc. It is also called aluminous model board, which is composed of multiple layers of materials. The upper and lower layers are high-purity aluminum alloy plates, representative alloy is aluminum 1100-H16; the middle is compound composite materials, such as PE/ LDPE, etc.; as the core board; finally, the formed aluminum composite panels are coated with PVDF/ PET/ ACP and other coatings on both sides. It is not difficult to find that, aluminum composite panels perfectly combine the advantages of aluminum alloy and non-metal. For example, aluminum composite panels composed of aluminum 1100-h16 have excellent processing ductility, corrosion and weather resistance, lightweight texture, fire and crash resistance, sound and heat insulation, economic and environmental protection, etc.


This is exciting news ! The client from Turkey purchased 150 tons aluminum 1100-H16 coils for aluminum composite panels from us ! Here, aluminum 1100-H16 coil means that 1100 aluminum coil doesn’t need additional heat treatment, and the hardness of grade 6 under H16 temper is obtained only through work hardening. At this time, 1100 h16 aluminum coil properties naturally show excellent surface treatment, a certain strength, and other stable characteristics. And this time this client asked us to supply mill finish aluminium coils for ACP, the required specifications are 1100 H16 0.14*1260 *C mm 25Tons, 0.17*1260*C mm 25T, 0.26*1260*C mm 25T, 0.14*1510*C mm 25T, 0.17*1510*C mm 25T, 0.26*1510*C mm 25T, thickness tolerance is (-0,02/+0mm), etc.


Here, Mingtai Al. is a large-scale 1100 aluminum coil manufacturer in the top ten of China's aluminum sheet/coil/foil companies ! Aluminum 1100-H16 for aluminum composite panels produced by Mingtai Al. has stable performance, accurate purity, standard version, and provides original factory warranty. So far, Mingtai 1100 aluminum sheet/ coil and other products have been exported to Western Europe, West Asia, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid East, North America, South America, Oceania and more than 100 countries and regions ! Most importantly, the realization of mechanized and large-scale production of Mingtai Al. makes the 1100 aluminum coil price more economical, the production cost is 30% less than that of competitors ! So, don't hesitate to contact us for specific quotation and purchase plan of aluminum alloy for aluminum composite panels ! Just click on the online customer service on the right, or send us an email ! Come on !

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