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3004 aluminum sheet

Model : 3004
Thickness: 0.1-500mm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

3004 aluminum sheet also belongs to the Al-Mn rustproof alloy series. Its strength is not high (slightly higher than that of industrial pure aluminum), but higher than that of 3003 aluminum sheet.Similarly,3004 aluminum sheet is a non-heat-treated alloy, and its mechanical properties are improved by cold processing.In addition,3004 aluminum sheet properties are characterized by good formability, dissolves resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., are often used to need good formability, high corrosion resistance, good weldability parts processing, or both require these performance and need to have more than 1000 series alloy high strength working conditions, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, household electrical appliances, construction decoration, etc.It is worth mentioning that the anodic oxidation surface treatment effect of3004 aluminum sheetis amazing, which is a good choice for color coated aluminum substrate.

Applications and Features:

1 High Plasticity. 3004 aluminum sheet has high plasticity in annealing state, good plasticity in semi-cold hardening and low plasticity in cold hardening.

2. Finish Well. It can adapt to the maximum speed that most machine tools can achieve so as to milling, boring, planing and other mechanical processing. In addition,3004 aluminum sheet has good weldability but poor machinability.

3. Slightly Higher Intensity. With the addition of the alloy component Mn, while maintaining the excellent workability and corrosion resistance of pure aluminum, the strength of the3004 aluminum sheet is slightly increased, higher than that of the 3003 aluminum sheet, and 10% higher than that of the 1100 series.

4. Good Anodic Oxidation. The surface of the3004 aluminum sheet after anodized has enhanced corrosion resistance and can also present colorful colors.

Usages of 3004 Aluminum Sheet

Main applications of 3004 aluminum sheet:Various lamp parts, Shutter materials, Wide-width curtain wall panels, LCD backing materials, Color coated aluminum substrate, etc.

In addition,3004 aluminum sheet can also be used in the sheet processing of various pressure vessels and pipes general utensils, cable pipes, sewers, kitchen utensils, heat sink, cosmetic board, etc.

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