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From the product itself, aluminum 1050 is pure aluminum, and several other series are alloy aluminum; from the price point of view, 1 series of pure aluminum plate (including aluminum 1050) is cheap; from the perspective of product technology, aluminum 1050 technology is relatively simple, But it has a wide range of applications.

Aluminum 1050 can be used for radiator

Nowadays, electronic products are prevalent, and the long-term use of electronic products makes the power consumption and heat generation of PC's internal components continue to increase, and the heat sink is here. The material used for the heat sink's heat sink fins is mainly all aluminum, all copper, half copper, half aluminum, and copper. Although silver is a more efficient conductor, it costs too much. The thermal conductivity of all-aluminium ranks third, and the price of the material is about half that of pure copper. Therefore, the all-aluminum material is widely used in the field of heat dissipation.

Aluminum 1050 has the characteristics of high elongation, tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity, and high formability. It can fully meet the requirements of conventional processing (stamping, stretching). Its excellent thermal conductivity allows it to be well applied to radiators.

Aluminum 1050 for aluminum foil gasket

When aluminum 1050 is used as the aluminum foil, an aluminum foil gasket can be made. The sealing aluminum foil gasket is suitable for sealing of containers made of PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, glass and other materials. The industry has the functions of anti-leakage, fresh-keeping, anti-deterioration, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, and moisture-proof.

The sealing aluminum foil gasket structure is composed of heat sealing layer, aluminum foil (aluminum 1050), weak adhesion layer, cardboard elastomer and so on.

Other applications of Mingtai aluminum 1050

1. Signboard, billboard. Aluminum plate is light in weight, easy to process, corrosion-resistant, and not rusty. It is currently the main material for making billboards, signs and road signs.

2. Interior decoration. Many high-end wall panels and indoor ceilings are made of aluminum, and aluminum 1050 or 1060 is commonly used.

3. Insulation engineering. 0.5mm / 0.6mm 1050 aluminum coil or 1060 aluminum coil is a more commonly used insulation material, and is generally used in insulation projects under non-corrosive conditions.

4. Solar reflective sheet. 1 series of pure aluminum plate is the main material for the production of reflective sheet under the collector tube of solar water heater.

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