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Mingtai Al., large-scale 5086 aluminum sheet suppliers, have 3 manufacturing plants covering an area of 1.3 million square meters. Here, the 5086 marine grade aluminum and other products developed and produced are widely used in the manufacturing of transportation facilities such as ships and automobiles, and architectural decoration, machinery, equipment, etc.

5086 Aluminum Sheet Suppliers with Great Market Potential

5086 aluminum sheet is very famous for Marine grade aluminum! In addition, the content of the main alloy Mg in the 5086 aluminium alloy is between 5083 and 5052 Marine aluminum sheet, which has the advantages of good weldability and anodic oxidation, etc, so it is widely used for various welding parts, oxidation materials, aluminum checker plate and so on. At present, more and more 5086 aluminum sheet suppliers have found a huge market demand for 5086 aluminum sheet!

Wide Application of Mingtai 5086 Aluminum Sheet Suppliers Products

Here, Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co.,Ltd s a large-scale 5086 aluminum sheet suppliers, with 1.3 million square meters of manufacturing area, respectively located in Gongyi, Zhengzhou and Xingyang city, in Henan. Besides, Mingtai Al. in dongguan, Vietnam, Korea and other places set up offices, for the global user provides customized quantitative purchase demand services!

Most notably, the quality of Mingtai products is guaranteed. Among them, Mingtai 5083, 5052, 5086 marine grade aluminum was the first to obtain DNV/CCS/ABS/BV/LR class certificates! And successfully practice in yachts, grain ship, fishing boat, working boat, sand ship and other ship parts manufacturing! Up to now, Mingtai 5086 aluminum sheet suppliers has established long-term cooperation with large ship manufacturers from Brazil, myanmar, Vietnam, etc!

In addition to, Mingta 5086 aluminum sheet suppliers not only produce and develop superior Marine grade aluminum. There are also 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 series alloy products, covering the various grades, temper, and super wide/long specifications, widely used in ship, automobile and other traffic facilities manufacturing, and construction decoration, machinery, electrical appliances, electronic communication, and food/pharmaceutical/commodity packaging, etc, to the greatest extent to meet the diverse needs of global buyers!

Mingtai 5086 Aluminum Sheet Suppliers Deliver Goods Safely !

High-quality products of course require quality transport services. Mingtai 5086 aluminum sheet suppliers are very proud to tell the global consumers that, we have a logistics fleet of more than 10 years, and have established a long-term cooperative relationship with internationally renowned freight forwarding companies, which can ensure the priority, stability of shipping schedule, and flexibility of shipping ports such as Qingdao port, tianjin port and Shanghai port. In addition, our 5086 marine grade aluminum and other aluminum plate products adopt wood bracket, plastic film, and kraft paper standard packaging, and has a professional port packing and strengthening team, to ensure the safety of product transportation in all aspects! So, If you are interested in our products, then don't hesitate to consult us! Come On!

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