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henan mingtai industrial germany aluminum sheet grades indicate the alloy additives used.


Henan mingtai industrial germany aluminum sheet grades

Aluminum is the most commonly used metal, second only to stainless steel. It is used in many industries and various purposes. From decorative items to mechanical parts, and even airplanes. Aluminum sheet is a common aluminum product. Aluminum sheets are divided into many aluminum grades, mainly due to their properties, such as strength, weight, and corrosion resistance. Aluminum not only has rich characteristics, but also can improve its metal properties by adding appropriate amounts of other metal alloy elements to it. henan mingtai industrial germany aluminum sheet grades indicate the alloy additives used. These alloys can include copper, silicon, manganese, zinc or mixtures of these metals in different proportions.

henan mingtai industrial germany

How to choose henan mingtai industrial germany aluminum sheets?

Whether it is aluminum sheet, aluminum plate or coil, choosing the henan mingtai industrial germany aluminum sheets suitable for your application usually requires two points to be considered: What are the performance and use? In other words, what are the attributes? Where is it used?

Henan mingtai industrial germany 1000 series

Each grade in the 1000 series contains at least 99% pure aluminum. The high aluminum content makes the 1000 series grades have excellent electrical conductivity. It is soft, malleable, and has excellent processability, so it is very suitable for projects that require challenging molding operations. There is also solderability. It can be used for deep drawing, spinning, sheet metal processing, decoration and construction applications.

Henan mingtai industrial germany 3000 series

3000 aluminum alloy uses manganese as the main alloy element, which is heat-treatable and is about 20% stronger than the 1xxx series. Good crack resistance and abrasion resistance, and has good machinability. When a strength rating slightly higher than 1100 is required, 3000 is usually appropriate. It is also used for wire drawing, spinning, fuel tank and sheet metal work.

Henan mingtai industrial germany 5000 series

Magnesium is the main element in the composition of 5000 series aluminum. 5000 series alloys are non-heat-treatable alloys. It has the highest strength among all non-heat-treatable alloys. It has strong resistance to salt water corrosion, so it is also called "marine aluminum". It has good anodizing properties, so this alloy is usually used to make higher-quality household appliances. There are also cooking utensils, fuel tanks, railings and other applications.

Henan mingtai industrial germany 6000 series

This is a series of heat-treatable alloys headed by 6061. It is the most commonly used aluminum alloy from the construction and architecture industry. It is worth mentioning that if it is 6061 alloy, we are likely to have some regular specifications in stock, which can save you waiting time. They are machinable, weldable and machinable. It is worth mentioning that it can be easily processed into a perfect finish.

Henan mingtai industrial germany 7000 series

Containing zinc as the main alloying element, commercial grade, the highest strength aluminum sheet series, the highest strength during heat treatment. Good corrosion resistance, medium weldability (spot welding or flash welding is possible, arc and gas are not recommended) and formability. Very suitable for high stress parts. The price of the 7000 series is relatively high, so it is usually used in projects where the properties of cheaper alloys cannot be met. Typical applications include aircraft accessories, which are also typical applications of this series.

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