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Aluminum plate specifications

Aluminum plate specifications have their own scope. This includes the thickness, width and length of the aluminum plate. Some buyers will encounter the problem of choosing aluminum plate specifications. In their previous purchasing experience, they got boards with the wrong size and thickness. At the same time, there may be misunderstanding information with the supplier, which led to them buying inappropriate aluminum plate specifications. A careful study of aluminum plate specifications can help you communicate more effectively with local suppliers.

Aluminum plate specifications

Aluminum plate specifications thickness

In most cases, Chinese suppliers also consider customer requirements in the aluminum plate specifications thickness they provide, but other suppliers may provide some usable thicknesses. You need to make sure that their thickness meets your needs. Check with them carefully. In addition, each project has different requirements for thickness, which is also very important.

What are the measurement methods of aluminum plate specifications thickness? First, you need to prepare a special ruler. Use this rule to repeatedly measure the cross-section of the substrate and obtain the average thickness.

Aluminum plate thickness

Aluminum plate specifications for different purposes

When buying an aluminum plate, you must first determine the purpose of the aluminum plate, and then you can know the approximate range of the aluminum plate specifications. For example, aluminum plate is used in buildings and can be used in different projects and locations, such as: building exterior walls, interior walls, elevator edging, gifts, ceilings, light weight, beautiful environment, easy installation, rich colors, beautiful appearance, etc. Features. Diversity, high fire rating advantages, etc.

Choose different aluminum thicknesses according to different architectural decoration requirements. The conventional thickness is 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm. The thickness of outdoor architectural decoration aluminum is generally 2.5mm and 3mm.

The lower layer, podium and interior decoration can be thickened by 2.0mm;

Indoor ceiling decoration can choose 1.5mm.

For example, composite aluminum plates are relatively thin, generally less than 1mm.

There is also a certain relationship between thickness and hardness. For harder ones, choose the thickness of 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and for softer ones, choose 0.2mm, 0.4mm, etc.

Aluminum plate width

Aluminum plate specifications width

The width of most aluminum plates is no more than 1500 mm, but there will be many places where ultra-wide aluminum plates are needed in market demand. Some enterprises that produce ultra-wide aluminum plates can provide ultra-wide aluminum plates within 2650 mm.

The production range of ultra-wide aluminum plate: aluminum checker plate can be produced to a width of 2600 mm, and bare aluminum plate can be produced to 2650 mm.

The price of ultra-wide aluminum sheet. The factors that determine the price of ultra-wide aluminum sheet include material, state, and width. Therefore, the price of ultra-wide aluminum sheet cannot be generalized. If you want to purchase ultra-wide aluminum sheet, please contact our company.

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