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Aluminum Foil for Transformer Winding

Aluminum foil for transformer winding is mainly used in the production of various transformers, the most popular is the production of dry type transformers winding. As we all know, the traditional transformer core windings are made of copper foil. But at present, due to the advantage that aluminum foil is much cheaper than copper foil, it has gradually replaced the traditional copper foil and is wound on the winding through the winding machine, becoming the best-selling transformer winding aluminum foil. Of course, what is most worth mentioning is aluminum foil for transformer winding with many advantages of light weight, high ductility, strong corrosion & weather resistance, noise reduction and environmental protection, stable performance ,and low maintenance cost in later phase. So It’is an excellent and cost-effective material in transformer winding !

Aluminum Foil for Transformer Winding 1050/ 1060/ 1070 Alloy

In general, Aluminum foil for transformer winding is required to be of high quality pure aluminum as raw material. So this material requires high electrical conductivity, soft texture, smooth surface and other characteristics. Among them, 1 series aluminum foil alloy is the ideal material for the production of dry type transformers and the key raw material for the winding of transformers.

Specifically, transformer winding aluminum foil usually selects 1050 aluminum foil, 1060 aluminum foil, 1070 aluminum foil, 1350 aluminum alloy, etc. The Al content in these aluminum foils for transformer winding is not less than 95%, usually higher than 99.6%-99.7%, which belongs to typical industrial pure aluminum. So, they retain most of the advantages of pure aluminum itself. Besides, due to the single composition of 1 series industrial aluminum foil, and the relatively simple production process, it has great price advantage, and is also used in transformer winding production after mass procurement.

Here, Mingtai Al, as aluminum foil suppliers in China, the aluminum foils for transformer winding produced have version type smooth, no winding, clean surface, no oil stains, scratches, black spots and any other defects, and provided the original warranty ! What’s more, Mingtai transformer winding aluminum foils are direct selling by Mingtai manufacturers without middlemen to earn difference! In addition, Mingtai Al. with mechanized and large-scale production,aluminum foil price can be 30% lower than competitors, making it highly competitive in the market !

Technical Parameters of Aluminum Foil for Transformer Winding

Thickness 0.2-3.0 mm
Width 20-1350 mm
Typical Alloy 1050, 1060, 1070, 1350
Alloy Temper Soft / O
Typical Use Dry type transformers winding
Elongation ≥35
Tensile strength 60-95 MPa
Electrical conductivity > 61%
Density 2.7 g / cm3
Alloy Type Strips / Coils / Foil Rolls

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