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7075 aluminum plate

7075 aluminum plate, one of the strongest aluminum alloys. Its application is similar to 2024 aluminum sheet, but if you need higher mechanical properties, it is best to choose 7075 aluminum sheet. 7075 aluminum alloy is an aluminum-zinc alloy with a content of about 1%-8%. In addition, there are a small amount of magnesium, a small amount of copper and chromium. As early as the late 1940s, 7075 aluminum alloy began to be used in aircraft manufacturing, and it is still widely used in the aviation industry. Typical applications include aircraft, marine, racing and commercial grade parts.

7075 aluminum plate

Is 7075 aluminum plate stronger than steel?

As we know, zinc is the main alloying element of 7075 aluminum plate, so it has super strength. We can easily compare it with steel. If it is in the sturdiness of the party whip, 7075 aluminum alloy is comparable to many types of steel. However, compared with other ordinary aluminum alloys, it has some disadvantages, such as its low corrosion resistance, poor welding performance, and cannot provide the same level of machinability.

However, if your project only requires strength, then 7075 aluminum plate is suitable. After all, aluminum weighs far less than steel, which can reduce weight.

7075 aluminum plate properties

What is 7075 aluminum plate used for?

Many industries may use 7075 aluminum alloy, such as engineering, energy, automotive and construction industries. Its strength characteristics are conducive to the manufacture of products such as aircraft structures, ground support equipment, bicycle parts and equipment, and plastic molds. Specific applications on aircraft include regulating valve parts, lower wing panels, stringers, bulkheads, instrument gears, fuse parts, worm gears and keys. 7075 also has a high strength-to-density ratio, and is usually used in rock climbing equipment and hang glider fuselages.

Other uses of 7075 aluminum plate: medical equipment, agricultural sprinkler irrigation, high-performance welded pipes and pipe joints for high-pressure liquid and gas transportation, special containers and high-pressure containers, all-aluminum automobile, truck shell and all-aluminum ship, submarine superstructure and outer shell materials.

7075 aluminum plate suppliers

Is 6061 or 7075 aluminum plate stronger?

As we mentioned above, 7075 lacks some of the general characteristics of aluminum alloys. 6061 aluminum is a general-purpose aluminum alloy, which also has better general characteristics than 7075, especially corrosion resistance, workability, and weldability. However, its strength is not as good as 7075 aluminum. If strength is the most important consideration in your project, choose 7075 aluminum alloy.

In recent years, the aluminum plate manufacturer Mingtai has been adhering to the concept of industrial structure reform, development and innovation. Mingtai Aluminum has continuously introduced advanced technologies at home and abroad. Not only for 7075 aluminum plates, we focus on product quality and can produce 7075-O, T6, T651, etc. temper, the product produced meets the customer's requirements after being sampled by the customer.

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