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6061-t6 aluminum plate process

Generally, the 6061-t6 aluminum plate process has three points:

1. Rapid annealing: annealing at 350410; the holding time is related to the effective thickness of the material, within the range of 30120min; air or water cooling.

2. High temperature annealing: the heating temperature range is 350500; the heat preservation time is related to the thickness of the finished product. When the thickness is 6mm, the time is 1030min, when it is less than 6mm, the time is not limited until it is hot through; the air is cold.

3. Low temperature annealing: annealing temperature 150250; holding time 23h; air or water cooling. Homogenization: 570 degrees Celsius, heat preservation for 7 hours, air cooling.

6061-t6 aluminum plate

6061-t6 aluminum plate application

The typical application is for molds, and there are many other applications. For example, in the field of fixed devices and communications; as well as automated mechanical parts and mold manufacturing; as well as SMT, PC board solder carriers, precision machining, electronics and precision instruments, etc.

6061-t6 aluminum plate for mold

What is a mold? It is a mold or a tool, and a product that needs to be obtained through some methods will use a mold. For example, die-casting or forging molding; blow molding, injection molding; and extrusion, smelting, stamping and other methods. In other words, a mold is a tool used to shape an object. This kind of tool is composed of various parts, and different molds have different parts. In order to achieve the processing of the shape of the article, the method of changing the physical state of the molded material will be adopted.

6061-t6 aluminum plate price

6061-t6 aluminum plate price

Due to its good corrosion resistance, weldability, good oxidation effect, complicated process, and complicated production process, 6061-t6 aluminum plate is more expensive.

The price is related to the specific processing fee, which mainly depends on the specifications of the required 6061 aluminum sheet, which is nothing more than length, width, and thickness. There is also the size of the board, whether it is a large board or a cut small board. Thickness will also affect the price. The regular market price of 2/4/6/mm is similar, and the price of 6061 medium-thick aluminum plate and ultra-thick plate is more expensive.

6061-t6 aluminum plate for mold

6061-t6 aluminum plate in Mingtai Aluminum

What are the advantages of Mingtai Aluminum's 6061-t6 aluminum plate?

1. Good uniformity of aluminum plate material: excellent heat treatment technology, the strength and hardness of the product are basically the same when the thickness (diameter) is below 300°C;

2. High surface accuracy, reducing material waste

3. Good processing performance, reducing the deviation of chemical composition, strength and hardness to very small. 6061-t6 aluminum plate and aluminum checker plate

4. There is almost no deformation during high-speed machining; warping, cracking and deformation, these phenomena hardly appear during processing and stress;

5. The material has good compactness; the unique grain refinement process guarantees that there are no sand holes, horizontal lines, bubbles and impurities;

6. It can resist high temperature; no permanent deformation will occur under the working environment of 400.

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