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5083 aluminum plate is the excellent material for shipbuilding. So, what is the effect of 5083 aluminum sheet used in the manufacture of tank truck? Here, Mingtai Al. introduces the 5083 aluminum plate for tank truck in detail, allowing you to harvest a variety of business opportunities for 5083 aluminum sheet!

Best-Selling 5083 Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck

The use of 5083 marine grade aluminum plate in the manufacture of hulls, decks, etc. is no longer familiar to us. In fact, 5083 aluminum sheet is also widely used for the tank truck body of our common tanker that shuttles across the road! At present, 5083 aluminum plate for tank truck length used in the market is generally less than 12.5 m, the width is less than 2.2 m, and the common thickness is generally 5, 6, 7, 8 mm. Secondly, in terms of temper selection, the 5083-O aluminum sheet is used for tank coverss and partition(anti-wave plates), and is fully annealed to reach the softest state, which is more conducive to bending processing. For the 5083-H111 aluminum sheet for tank truck, it is used for the tank truck body, and after proper annealing, an appropriate amount of work hardening is performed to improve the strength. Here, Mingtai 5083 aluminum sheet for tank truck has the performance of obtaining BV / LR / DNV / ABS / CCS marine grade aluminum, as well as high quality such as flat version, clean surface and no defects. It is popular among North America, Middle East, South Asia and Africa , Eastern Europe and other international markets!

Why Choose 5083 Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck Manufacturing?

In general, aluminum sheets have the advantages of small specific gravity, corrosion resistance, and strong covers. For 5083 aluminum plate for tank truck, there are more significant advantages. Let us continue to look down!

As we all know, 5083 aluminum sheet is an Al-Mg alloy with the best anti-rust performance. It has excellent corrosion resistance, can be well resistant to the corrosion of gasoline, neutral inorganic salt solution, organic acid, dilute acid, food, and industrial atmosphere, etc.

Besides, the 5083 aluminum sheet for tank truck has the necessary weather resistance. Even in an environment below 0, as the temperature decreases, the strength and plasticity of the 5083 aluminum sheet will not decrease. There will be no low-temperature brittleness, extending the life of the tank truck.

Appropriate mechanical properties. In the tempered state of O/ H111, 5083 aluminum plate for tank truck tensile strength Rm (MPa)275, yield strength Rp.02 (MPa)125, elongation15.

Mingtai 5083 Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck

Here, Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co., Ltd is an aluminum sheet manufacturer integrating scientific research, manufacturing and processing. At present, Mingtai 5083 aluminum plate for tank truck has been fully used in the actual manufacture of the tank truck body, anti-wave barrier and tank cover. Of course, the internationally competitive Mingtai 5083 aluminum sheet price is also the reason why buyers are more willing to purchase. There are not only high-quality products, preferential prices, but also attentive Mingtai services. If you are interested in our products, then do n’t hesitate to click on the dialog box on the right, or send an email, to tell us the specifications, quantity, usages and other informations you need. We have a 7*24*365 hours consulting team to provide you with timely satisfactory purchase plan and quotations! Come on!

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