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3004 aluminum foil roll

3004 aluminum foil roll won the "China Aluminum Foil Innovation Award"

Recently, the 2021 "China Aluminum Foil Innovation Award" award ceremony was grandly held during the China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition. The jury of this event selected 21 award-winning products and projects in six categories, involving 25 companies and research institutions in the industry chain. A product independently developed by Mingtai Technology won the "Resource Efficiency Award" of the 2021 China Aluminum Foil Innovation Award. This product is related to 3004 aluminum foil roll.

3004 aluminum foil roll for aluminum foil container

Aluminum foil container is a new type of environmental protection material, using 3003 aluminum foil or 3004 aluminum foil roll, 8011 aluminum foil as raw materials. It is manufactured through a production process of one-time automatic cold stamping forming with special equipment and molds. Aluminum foil containers are mostly used in aviation food, cakes, and food retail. They are updated quickly and consume a lot of quantity. The reason why it is becoming more and more popular is inseparable from its own advantages.

3004 aluminum foil roll

Advantages of 3004 aluminum foil roll

3004 aluminum foil roll is soft in texture, easy to process and shape, light in material, good in airtightness, and good in covering; and it has good high temperature resistance and oil resistance. There is an oxide layer on the surface of aluminum foil, its performance is very stable and harmless to the human body. The aluminum foil container made not only meets the hygiene standards of food containers, but also conforms to the current environmental protection trend. The products made of 3004 aluminum foil roll can be directly heated without fear of danger, which brings great convenience to people's fast-paced life.

Compared with 3003 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil roll has high hardness, good load-bearing, and better stamping effect.

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3004 aluminum foil roll honeycomb aluminum foil

Aluminum honeycombs are commonly found in the fields of construction, vehicle and ship decoration. The honeycomb core is the inner filling of the aluminum honeycomb, which has the advantages of anti-deformation, good sound insulation, heat insulation and impact resistance. 3004 aluminum foil roll is one of the main materials of honeycomb core, other materials include 5052 aluminum foil. The product price of 5052 aluminum foil is relatively high, considering the cost issue, 3004 aluminum foil is more cost-effective. Compared with the low-priced 1100 aluminum foil, it has higher strength. On the whole, 3004 aluminum foil is more suitable as the material of the honeycomb core.

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Mingtai Aluminum 3004 aluminum foil roll manufacturer

Winning the "China Aluminum Foil Innovation Award" this time fully demonstrated Mingtai Aluminum's resource advantages, technical advantages, brand advantages, and innovation advantages in aluminum processing, and further broadened the green development of aluminum deep processing.

The company has always adhered to the leadership of scientific and technological innovation in the development process. In recent years, it has continuously expanded its R&D team, comprehensively increased R&D investment, adhered to "quality-oriented", strived to be at the forefront of high-quality development, and played the main role of enterprise innovation.

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