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1350 Aluminum Alloy

Model : 1350
Thickness: 0.1-500mm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

1350 aluminum alloy is 1 series pure aluminum alloy, in which the content of Al is as high as 99.50%, the same as that of Al in the 1050 aluminum sheet. So, 1350 aluminum alloy properties are similar to 1050 aluminum sheet. However, because the content of Si in 1350 aluminum alloy composition is no more than 0.10, which is lower than the content of 0.25 Si in 1050 aluminum sheet, the characteristics of the two are different. In addition, 1350 aluminum alloy is also a non-heat treated alloy, which can be enhanced by cold machining. To sum up, according to the characteristics of 1350 aluminum alloy, it is used in special products where the Si content of the alloy must be lower than a certain value. Besides, It can also be used in electrical conductors, highway signs, heat exchangers, aluminum awnings, beverage cans, cooking utensils, Wall covering and other manufacturing fields.

Applications and Features:

1.1350 aluminum sheet coil belongs to deformed aluminum alloy. The corrosion resistance and welding properties of 1350 aluminum alloy are all good, but the machining properties are weak.

2.1350 aluminum alloy production standards in accordance with the American aluminum association (AA) 1350, UNS A91350, ISO R209 E-Al99.5, China GB 1350.

3. Here, Mingtai Al., as a large-scale 1350 aluminum alloy sheet/coil/foil manufacturer engaged in scientific research, production and processing, undertakes al alloy 1350 processing of vacuum heat treatment (quenching) and cryogenics, and its temper and specifications can be customized for production.

The Use of 1350 Aluminum Sheet

In general, 1350 aluminum alloy is used in special products where the content of Si in the alloy component must be lower than certain value.

Besides, 1350 aluminum sheet coil is applicable to make electrical conductors, and can be used in highway signs, roofs, cladding panels, heat exchangers, beverage cans, cooking utensils, storage tanks, aluminum awnings, furniture and other manufacturing fields.

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