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3105 Aluminum Checker Plate

Model : 3105
Thickness: 0.8-7.0mm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

3105 aluminum checker plate is also a star product in 3 series Al-Mn antirust alloy. When it comes to 3105 aluminum sheet, we are not unfamiliar with it, which has excellent surface processing property. You see, after its surface is coated, it’s used as an aluminium closure sheet for wine screw caps, which is very fashionable and stylish ! Similarly, after the surface is stamped, becoming 3105 aluminum checker plate is used for structural anti-skid platform or equipment fabricate, etc. It is highly decorative and has excellent anti-skid, corrosion resistance, good machining performance and certain load-bearing. Therefore, 3105 aluminum tread checkered aluminum plate has become a hot metal tread plate in the market !

Applications and Features:

1. Excellent Anti-Skid and Corrosion Resistance. Aluminium chequered plate 3105 is highly corrosion resistant, and is considered to be indestructible ! So, the pattern stamped the surface of 3105 aluminum checker plate can keep the luster for a long time, and the anti-slip performance is also more durable !

2. Excellent Weldability and formability. Similarly, 3105 aluminum checker plate can be applied to all current welding technologies, showing good welding effect. Besides, it also shows excellent formability.

3. Other Features. 3105 aluminum checker plate was hardened by cold machining, which also has excellent deep impact, surface processing and resilience, etc.

The Use of 3105 Aluminum Checker Sheet

For Better Skid Resistance

In practical application, 3105 aluminum checker plate is an excellent anti-skid plate, so is widely used for loading ramps, dock board, stair treads,structural anti-skid platform, equipment fabricate, or truck bed, bus/ambulance/fire truck anti-skid pedal, etc.

For Beautiful & Practical Decoration

High cost-effective 3105 aluminum checker plate is also a perfect home decoration materials, such as decoration wall panels, ceilings, garage wainscot, cabinet. Of course, the exterior panel of our beloved car is indispensable.

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