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3003 aluminium checker plate

Model : 3003
Thickness: 1.0-7.0mm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

3003 aluminium checker plate belongs to 3 series aluminum manganese alloy, which is a kind of rust-proof aluminum alloy widely used. It is processed by using 3003 aluminum plate as raw material. Its strength is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminium checker plate. It has good rust resistance, but has medium strength and cannot be heat-treated to strengthen it. Generally using cold processing method to improve mechanical properties, in the annealing state has a high plasticity, moderate corrosion resistance. The 3003 aluminium checker plate is often used for stair anti-slip, can be used overhead, and can also be used in humid environments. Mingtai Aluminum has been processing aluminium checker plate for many years and has many advantages. Welcome to buy!

Applications and Features:

1.3003 aluminium checker plate has medium strength and can be used overhead.

2.Strong plasticity, good formability, good processing performance, can be processed into various shapes.

3.It has medium corrosion resistance and can be used in places with a certain corrosiveness.

4.Surface quality of 3003 aluminium checker plate is good, without wave, oil spot, roll mark and burr, etc., with clear pattern and neat cut edge.

5.Aluminum is a recyclable metal with a high recovery rate. It can be reprocessed after scrapping and can be put into use again.

The use of 1060 aluminium checker plate

In addition to the general anti-slip, decorative purposes, because of the addition of manganese element in the 3 series aluminium checker plate, has a good anti-rust performance, but also can be used for some wet sections of anti-slip. For example, non-slip floors in frozen warehouses, fresh areas in supermarkets, refrigerated trucks, and toilets in major shopping malls. It can also be used in places with a certain slope, such as ramps and stairs. Of course, the pattern aluminum plate of Mingtai Aluminum has the advantage of bright surface, which can be used as a decorative wall, which has the advantages of easy cleaning and beautiful appearance.

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