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Mingtai Aluminum Nepal 3003 aluminum coil

Mingtai Aluminum Nepal's website has a lot of knowledge about 3003 aluminum coil, such as performance, price, material composition, etc. Today, Mingtai Aluminum Nepal will summarize the temper of the 3003 Aluminum coil and give you a detailed introduction. Taking a good look at the temperament of the 3003 Aluminum coil will help you make better product selections.

Mingtai Aluminum Nepal 3003 aluminum coil temper

3003 aluminum coil is one of the most widely used alloy aluminum sheets. Its advantage is that it has manganese element, so it has anti-rust properties. favor. The disadvantage is that the stamping stability is not enough, and it cannot be deep-drawn because the hardness of the 3003 aluminum sheet is high. Different alloys, 3003 aluminum sheet is still one of the most widely used alloy aluminum sheets.

3003 aluminum coil H18 temper Mingtai Aluminum Nepal

Because of the proportion of manganese, 3003 aluminum sheet has anti-rust performance and high performance hardness. 3003 H18 aluminum coil is an aluminum sheet product that has not been processed after casting, rolling and rolling, so it is called unannealed aluminum coil. After not annealing, the hardness is very high, but the delivery time is very fast, we will deliver it on time according to the agreed time. 3003 aluminum coil quotation is also very cost-effective.

Mingtai Aluminum Nepal can produce 3003 aluminum coil H14 temper

Although 3003 aluminum coil H14 is a common material, its processing requirements are extremely high. Processing technology: first rolling, then annealing and then rolling. Because the surface of 3003 aluminum coil H14 will have a slight layer of oil, the effect of cleaning the oil can be achieved by the principle of the straightening machine. The 3003 aluminum coil H14 version is better than the 1 series ordinary aluminum sheet, so the 3003 H14 aluminum sheet is suitable for products with high profile and stable quality.

Mingtai Aluminum Nepal 3003 aluminum coil H24 temper

3003 H24 aluminum sheet is a kind of alloy temper that is very common in the aluminum sheet industry. It accounts for 80% of the 3003 aluminum sheet processing, and the processing technology is accepted by customers. 3003 H24 aluminum sheet, after annealing process, can be bent at 90 degrees without cracking. Therefore, 3003 H24 aluminum sheet is also widely used, and it is also a commonly used aluminum sheet in the market.

Mingtai Aluminum Nepal 3003 aluminum coil O temper

If your project requires stamping of materials, I believe that you will not be too unfamiliar with O-tempered aluminum sheets. The processing flow of 3003-O aluminum sheet is similar to that of 3003 H24 aluminum sheet. However, 3003-O aluminum sheet has a long annealing time and more processing techniques, so 3003 O-state aluminum sheet is more suitable for stamping because it is softer.

The above is the knowledge of 3003 aluminum sheet temper that Mingtai Aluminum Nepal has compiled for you: if you have an understanding of these contents, you can add a certain knowledge of aluminum processing. And have an understanding of the entire production equipment. A detailed understanding of these will only give you the ability to accurately select products in the selection of aluminum sheets. At the same time, you can also consult aluminum coil manufacturers to obtain 3003 aluminum coil quotation

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