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Henan mingtai al industrial Nepal sold 48 tons of 3004 aluminum foil
Henan mingtai al industrial Nepal
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8 tons
aluminum food container

Henan mingtai al industrial Nepal 3004 aluminum foil

Aluminum foil containers are used in fast food restaurants, takeaway restaurants, home kitchens, high-end hotels and service industries related to packaged food. At present, foreign scientific aluminum foil surface coating treatment technology and high-temperature disinfection and decontamination treatment technology are generally used. The products are beautiful, elegant and luxurious, which can improve the grade of fast food. 3004h22 aluminum foil has high hardness, good load bearing, and better stamping effect than 3003 aluminum foil. It can be applied to aluminum foil Container, product hygiene. As a Nepalese aluminum foil manufacturer, Henan mingtai al industrial Nepal can produce 3004h22 aluminum foil, or O, H24. Why use 3004 aluminum foil? Aluminum foil container products made of this material have several advantages, such as good plate shape, no black wires, bright lines and holes. High quality and low price, save your project cost.


Good news, a customer from Nepal ordered 48 tons of 3004 aluminum foil at Henan mingtai al industrial Nepal. Customers get satisfied products and satisfied prices. The customer initially expressed a desire to order small aluminium rolls for use as aluminium foil containers. The client is very interested in discussing his purchasing needs with us. So through the Internet search, leave a message on our website, make an appointment to visit the factory. The business manager of our professional aluminum foil department quickly recommended the alloy 3004 suitable for this application to the customer. And help customers visit our factory online through online video. Container foil material 3004 has higher tensile strength and more importantly, lower price and shorter delivery time. The customer's demand specification is 3004,37mic*620, the initial order quantity is 23 tons, and soon the customer sends us the second order 3004/0, 0.037*396*C, 15 tons; 0.04*420*C, 10 tons; 25 tons in total. We are committed to improving products of higher quality, and these products have also won the satisfaction of customers.


Henan mingtai al industrial Nepal has a 3300mm wide "1+1" hot rolling production line; self-developed (1+4) hot rolling production line; the thickness of the 3004 aluminum foil produced is 0.018-0.2mm, in addition to the use of aluminum foil containers, It is also often used as an aluminum honeycomb core material. Nepalese aluminum foil manufacturers and listed companies can accept orders of 2-2000 tons of aluminum foil. Provide original factory warranty, short delivery time. The product quotation is "aluminum ingot price + processing fee", which is directly operated by the factory and is affordable. Consult

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