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Aluminum molding principle and process flow 1520318245

Process principle

Aluminum formwork system is based on engineering construction and structure construction drawings, the standard design and industrial processing customization required standard size template structure and practical engineering supporting the use of non-standard components. First according to the design drawings complete prestressing assembled in the factory, after meet the engineering requirements, for all the template component partition, unit classification accordingly. Template materials transported to the scene, according to the template code "reserved seats" installed respectively. In place, the use of adjustable inclined support adjust template verticality, vertical adjustable support adjust template level elevation; Use wall on screw and stare blankly back guarantee rigidity and whole stability of the formwork system. After the strength of concrete strength to open mold, keep the vertical support, in order to wall side form templates, beam and floor on, quickly into the next layer construction cycles.

The process flow

Measuring unreeling - wall column steel binding - reserved embedded - concealed engineering acceptance - template installation template installation and beam slab wall aluminum alloy aluminum alloy - aluminum alloy calibration template reinforcement - beam slab reinforcement assembling to the reserved embedded, concealed engineering acceptance to concrete pouring and curing, aluminum alloy template removal - aluminum template transship