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Winter construction aluminum template reinforcement engineering 1520318215

1, steel cold drawn: (1) reinforced negative temperature, can be used to control the stress method or control rate of cold drawn method. For cannot distinguish furnace batch of hot rolled steel cold drawn, should not be used to control the rate of cold drawn method. (2) in the negative temperature stress control method under the condition of cold drawn steel bar, because elongation decrease with temperature decrease, such as the control stress is constant, the elongation, added to the steel strength can not meet the design requirements, thus the control stress of cold drawn under negative temperature should be relatively rise at room temperature. Cold drawn control stress.

2, reinforced negative temperature welding: (1) engaged in steel welded construction construction personnel must have welder licence, can mount guard operation. (2) steel welding construction under negative temperature, can use flash butt welding, arc welding (help article, lap, groove welding), electroslag pressure welding welding method, etc.

3, welding steel should be arranged in the interior, as must be in the outdoor welding, the ambient temperature should not be too low, in snow weather, shall also have the certain shelter measures. Welding is not the cooling of the joint, it is strictly prohibited to snow and ice.

4, flash butt welding: 1) the negative temperature flash butt welding, appropriate USES preheating flash welding or flash, preheating, flash welding process. Steel face compares level, appropriate USES preheating flash welding. Face is not flat, appropriate USES flash, preheating, flash welding process. 2) compared with normal temperature welding, corresponding measures should be taken, such as increasing the elongation of 10% to 10%, increase the contact pressure of preheating, growth preheat interval of time. 3) when the welds chosen parameters according to the steel grade of weldment, diameter, flexible welding temperature and welding technology level to choose.

5, arc welding: 1) during welding must prevent overheating, burns, bite meat and defects such as cracks, on the structure should be prevent in 8 tapping from eccentric bearing state. 2) in order to prevent the joints in the temperature of heat affected zone increases suddenly, for help, lap welding, welding layer temperature control should be adopted. Article help when the welding between the main reinforcement with four fixed position welding. When the lap welding with two fixed, fixed point weld from the article to help or overlapping end more than 20 mm. 3) groove weld root welding, groove end face, and shall be the fusion between steel bar and steel plate is good.

6, electroslag pressure welding: 1) the size of the welding current, should be according to the steel bar diameter and welding when the environmental temperature. 2) joint kit to dismantle about 2 min time should be extended; Joint slag shell should be extended for 5 min, just can make slag.