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The characteristics and advantages of aluminum template 1520318180

Aluminum template template, also known as aluminum alloy is made of aluminum alloy construction template, aluminum template design application and the research and development, the development of the construction industry is a big, popular aluminum formwork construction, mainly because of the technical indicators are more advanced, more can meet the requirements of the state, society of construction engineering. Solve the past the flaws of the traditional template, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

Short construction period. Aluminum mould template system for quick release system, a set of templates to normal construction layer can be up to four days, and can better pipeline construction, greatly improve the construction progress and saving the cost of management.

Long service life, low cost, aluminum alloy template used normally turns can reach more than 150 times, and the price of aluminum alloy template is only 75% of the price of all steel template, each time the amortization cost is less than 30% of all steel template above.

Adopt independent support, support simple: aluminum alloy template operating space is big, traffic, material handling, easy to manage.

Good stability, high bearing capacity. Most aluminum formwork system capacity can reach 60 kn per square meter, enough to satisfy most of the residential buildings of die bearing capacity requirement.

A wide scope of application. Aluminum template for wall, floor level, stairs, window sills, floating plate position such as the use of the ring beam, constructional column, the secondary structure mode branch so useful.

Flat-fell seam less, high precision, concrete surface effect is good after ripping. Aluminum construction template, dismantle concrete surface quality is bright and clean level off, basically can achieve veneer and concrete requirements, the need for batch swings, save the cost batch swings.

Site construction garbage, less support system is simple. All parts are reusable aluminum formwork system, construction, dismantle the scene without any garbage, support system structure is simple, convenient to remove, so the whole construction environment safe, clean and neat.

Standards, strong commonality. Aluminum template specification is much, can use different specifications panel according to the project; Used by the template in reconstructing new buildings, need to replace the 20 or so of non-standard plate, can decrease the cost.

Construction quality of high precision: using aluminum template forming concrete wall is bright and clean level off, the basic water concrete level, structure size qualified rate is 100%, but in ensuring the engineering quality and decrease the cost of decoration on the surface of the building.

Low carbon emissions. All materials are renewable materials aluminum formwork system, conform to the state of construction energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon, emissions regulations.