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The performance of 5052 aluminum alloy plate 1520318155

5052 aluminum alloy is an excellent medium hardness of aluminum alloy plate, heat treatment, not in the condition of H32 with good resistance to bending, at the same time has good effect of anodic oxidation, chassis cabinets, hardware manufacturing common alloy aluminum products, 5052 aluminum plate, the wider use of mainly because it has good machining performance.

Of 5052 aluminum alloy plate performance: in the condition of H32 bending performance is good, about 220 mpa tensile strength, elongation rate can reach 10%, good hardness and is suitable for bending and hardness of almost 3 to 4 times that of pure aluminum plate, suitable for the hardness and strength have higher requirements of hardware products. In H112 state hardness can reach 50 to 60 near hb, has a good lathe milling machine processing performance, is the product of choice for mechanical parts processing industry, but the hardness will be less than 6061 aluminum plate.