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The quality of aluminum alloy 1520318084

1, identify check: aluminum alloy profiles and is marked on the packaging products, such as standard code and production license.

2, the surface quality: in addition to the aluminum surface should be clean, not allowed to have defects such as cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubble, also there is no corrosion spots, electric burns, shading, defects such as oxidation film falls off.

. 3, the thickness of the oxide film: aluminum oxide film is formed in the anodic oxidation, have protective and decorative effect, eddy current thickness meter for testing.

4, hole sealing quality: aluminum alloy profiles after anodic oxidation surface have many gap, if not closed or closed is not good, will reduce the corrosion resistance of aluminum extrusions. Hole sealing quality inspection of commonly used methods include acid leaching, admittance method and phosphorus butyric acid method. On-site inspection in general by acid leaching method. The aluminum surface with acetone is swabbed clean, remove grease and dirt, the volume ratio of 50% nitric acid to the surface and gently scrub, nitric acid wash off after 1 minute, and then dried. Will drop medical crystal violet drops on the surface, after 1 minute, wipe the crystal violet and thoroughly clean the surface, look carefully left traces. Bad hole sealing aluminum will leave traces obviously, the worse the heavier traces that hole sealing quality.

5, corrosion resistance, which mainly affect the service life of aluminum. Copper corrosion inspection has accelerated acetic acid salt spray test and drop alkali test. Here are drops of alkali test. That is under 35 ℃ + 1 ℃, will be about 10, 100 g/mg LNaOH solution drops to the surface of aluminum extrusions, visual observation until bubbling corrosion caused droplet, calculation of the oxide film was through time. This test is easy to step outside of coarse judgment in the summer, to ensure the accuracy of the test must be in the laboratory under the strict requirements of.

The higher the purity of aluminum alloy, corrosion resistance, the better, as we all know, the pure aluminium to the air with oxygen, on the surface of aluminum will produce a very thin layer of dense natural oxide film, and faster than other metal oxide film generated more thick, so as to prevent the corrosion of harmful gas and moisture in the air, has played a protective effect. The corrosion resistance of pure aluminum is good, but the poor mechanical strength, which to a certain extent, restricted the application of aluminum, therefore, adding the right amount of people in the aluminum magnesium, copper, zinc and other metals, made into various types of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy of high mechanical strength, greatly improve the mechanical strength of aluminium, greatly expand the application range, aluminum alloy has high mechanical strength, but poor corrosion resistance than pure aluminum, so it is possible because of oxidation and corrosion. Which requires protection for powder coating of aluminum profile, aluminum alloy with its proportion of small, easy to machining, mechanical strength, etc for many years, are widely used in building Windows and doors, curtain wall, etc. After powder coating, aluminum has high corrosion resistance, colour diversity, good many advantages, such as surface texture with different building exterior wall coating photograph echo, to build the colorful building.